Sunday, March 02, 2008

ain't that something

A whole week has gone by, and I just don't have anything interesting to say on my blog today. The one thing I can think of is that Mike Huckabee totally did a better job on SNL than Giuliani did.

Ace got his AFOs (ankle foot orthotics... or braces, but I hate saying "Ace's braces") on Monday, which has been an adventure. They were insanely expensive, they were hard to put on, and he has to wear them with shoes, but it's hard to find shoes to fit over them. I'm preemptively feeling extremely sorry for my child for when summer comes around - who wants to wear knee-high socks, shoes, and a pair of braces when it's 100 degrees outside? In other news, someone please help me find knee high socks for toddler boys. It's harder than you think.

Drew, Ace, and I went to tour a school for developmentally delayed children on Thursday and... It. Is. AWESOME. There are 22 kids ahead of Ace on the waiting list, and the kids don't leave the school till they graduate, which is based on age and ability. There are only 2 classes, with around 6-7 kids per class. It might be a while, but I cannot WAIT till he gets in.

Ace's physical therapist has quit for medical reasons, and the state's program (First Steps) had to put Ace on a waiting list, and who knows how long he'd be on it. Because of this, we've gone private, which is somewhat relieving. He's been on state services, and as many of y'all well know, depending on the government for anything doesn't sit well in my stomach. We almost decided to get disability assistance to help pay for his AFOs and to help pay for a walker if he needs it, but the thought of it made me feel dirty. Thankfully Drew agrees - he said he'd rather deliver pizzas as a side job to pay for what Ace needs than depend on the government. I love my husband. Hopefully we can go private for his speech therapy too so I can stop feeling dirty about that.

Man, what a boring post. I fell asleep three times while writing it.

Maybe after I go do some deliveries of fairy dust and angel wings, I'll be more interesting. Ciao.


Sharon said...

I'm so happy you got a good impression of that school! It sounds great. That class size, alone, is wonderful. I hope he gets higher on the list soon!

Watercolor said...

Will put the school issue on my prayer list!!

Truvie said...

Troy and Macy used to have to wear knee socks for their school uniforms- Land's End is a great source! The school sounds wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Wow--I just read both of your latest posts and Ace is just amazing! He seems to be progressing at lightning speed from where I'm sitting! It was like, "I can pull up on the bed now so I'm going to do EVERYTHING!" Swweeeeeet little thing! Oh, one more thing--I know this is something i should e-mail you about in private, but what type of advice would you give to someone thinking about adopting a special needs child? We were looking at this boy in Russia who is Landon's age--he has spina bifida as well as a host of other problems (most of which would improve by just coming to the US). You have seen how heartwrenching and expensive it can be to take care of a special needs baby--Is there any advice you can give me about whether this is something we can/should persue? I worry about being able to give a new child with special needs everything he needs and deserves while still taking care of Landon--I don't want to adopt a kid who would have been better off with someone else, you know? I hope this isn't coming across in a weird way--I can't word waht I am trying to say, but I hope you get the gist--In a nutshell, I feel compelled to adopt a special needs baby, but I worry about taking on a challenge that I can't handle. It's easy to say, "I want to help this child--He doesn't belong in a nasty orphanage." but I might not be the best mom for the job :o(...Any thoughts?

Melissa said...

About the knee socks...I always go the girls section at any store and get plain white socks for Nathan. You can't tell whether they are for girls or boys so it works.