Saturday, January 12, 2008

What'd you do today?

Juno was pretty good. The dorm room girl music was annoying, as were the people behind me giggling loudly at inappropriate moments, but I'd see it again.

After it was over, I headed to the capitol building to take some pictures. I'm starting to wonder if I'm any good at this at all. Here's the stuff that has slightly redeemable artistic value.

The Capitol Building:

First Baptist Church of Jackson:

That church is straight up gorgeous. I wish I were a member of the Jackson hoi polloi so I could go there. A couple had gotten out of that Mustang a couple of minutes earlier and were hollering at each other because of the hydrant 10 feet away from the Mustang. "The firemen won't be able to get to the hydrant if one of these buildings catches on fire!" "Then why are there parking spots here?!" "I don't know! I'm not going in unless you move the car!" "Fine, miss the wedding!" Just so y'all know, the guy was parked a good 10 feet from the hydrant in a perfectly legal spot. And his date went in squawking after him.

Across the street from the Capitol:

The name of that church is escaping me.

And now I'm gonna go squirt a bunch of ketchup on some fish sticks and mac and cheese (yes, both, I'm gross that way), and watch Aladdin and The Notebook, two of my absolute favorite movies.

I miss my boys. :(


Susan said...

Hard to see from the distance, but I believe the church you couldn't name would be Galloway. I've helped with a couple of photo shoots downtown and you certainly found some of the best places to shoot! I like the green dome. That's cool. =)

Just remember, for every 100 shots you take, expect maybe 5-10 really good ones until you get pretty pro about it. Those are good pictures.

Stacey said...

I'm facing the parking lot for FBC Jackson, toward Carter Jewelers. That's the church on the corner of High and State. Galloway's on Congress, isn't it?

Watercolor said...

First Christian Church.

my word is

Stacey said...

The fact that your captcha had the word "butt" in it would have been funny alone, but prefixing that fact with "heh" made it downright hilarious.

First Christian it is!

Susan said...

Ah yes. I couldn't tell for sure and didn't realize which direction you were facing. Guess when there are two dozen churches in a half mile radius it's easy to get confused! =)

And my word isn't nearly as cool. I never get words with "butt" in them.

Sandi said...

Nice photos. Downtown at night is lovely, isn't it? Too bad it's such a rough area. Like the green capital building. :)

From the Doghouse said...

Those are post card quality! Excellent work!

Jennifer said...

These pics are amazing!! They look like postcads!!! I mess around with photography, too, but people are definitely my thing--I can never make buildings look like anythig moe than what they look like driving past them on an ordinary day :o)

Watercolor said...

Downtown is not a rough area at night. There is no one here!

Sandi said...

That's true. Still, I don't walk to my car by myself if I leave the office after dark. Perhaps my office is a little closer to the bad areas?

Christy said...

Love your pics. They are down right awesome :)


The Notebook!

I saw that movie for the first time eva last Sunday night. I watched it with "the Husband" and he loved it as well. Watching that movie we saw each other in the main characters...of course then we were all twiterpated b/c we are each other's "notebooks"