Sunday, January 06, 2008


92%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Well, I'm surprised. I only post like once a day and read some 75 other blogs. Is that... excessive?

Now for more quizzes with cute graphics that'll spiff up my page:


I fight dirty. Especially with 5-year-olds.


If you're surprised, clearly you've never met my family.

42% Geek

Sorry, Melinda.

I can't find a quiz about how to know it's bedtime, so I'll just go.


Sharon said...

Damn. I was thinking you could take at LEAST 19 5 year olds! ;) That quiz cracks me up. Didn't know one like that existed. Guess I have to go see how many I could take on.

From the Doghouse said...

You must tell us your style, Jedi master!

Sandi said...

Ha! Somedays, I can't even take one. LOL

Watercolor said...

Okay, I didn't get a score on the 5 year olds quiz.... it directed me to a dating site instead at the end.... ? lol!

RingoWolf said...

I keep trying but it keeps sending me to a match maker site.

mrs_ringo said...

AUUGGHHH!!! What do you have to do to get a result for this quiz??? It keeps sending me to a dating site, Doesn't it know i'm taken? ;-)