Wednesday, January 30, 2008

baby's first cuss word

Ace's vocabulary explosion has been infinitely amusing. Tonight at Big Lots, (as I was piling Vanilla Yogurt Total cereal into Ace's stroller like the people did the ham on Shop Til You Drop because I had a 20% off coupon and they were $1.25 apiece) a lady rounded the corner and Ace said "hiiiIIIIIiiii!" He's never said that to anyone before.

I walked in his room yesterday morning and was greeted by the unmistakable smell of human waste. However, in case I was mistaken, Ace said "POOpoo. POOOOpoo. POOOOOOOOpoo!!!"

Of course, now I have to start watching my mouth. I realized in the car earlier that I'd forgotten something at home and let slip a minor, relatively inoffensive cuss word. Piping up in a very small voice from the backseat, Ace said, "ohhh, dommit."

Woops. That'll be the end of that. In fact, I'll be keeping a roll of mouth-grade duct tape in the Jeep. The last thing I need is for Ace to repeat my road rage explosion.


Supermom said...

I just rediscovered Big Lots after a few years. Loving Big Lots!

Shop Til You Drop... I so could have won that show!

mayberry said...

Not on the subject of your post at all, but can I just say that you kicked BUTT on the MR blog yesterday. I had so many things running through my mind and I was SO HAPPY when you said that voting for the lesser of two evils was still voting for evil. You took the jumbled up crap in my brain and put it into words. Smart words at that! You ROCK GIRLFRIEND!

Stacey said...

Thanks, mayberry... I hate the defeatist attitudes, and I HATE people acting like the Republican and Democratic parties are the only choices out there. Drives me bonkers.

You did really, really well too. I was really glad you were saying the things you were saying.

HEATHER said...

That is so cute!

Christy said...

YAAY Ace is building a WONDERFUL vocabulary :)

I am so proud of him.

Just like his #1 fan


Watercolor said...

heh. cute.

HEATHER said...

Too cute!