Thursday, December 06, 2007

nothing more important

I'm very sorry about two of the following items being on the Top Stories list on Yahoo's news site:

If your eyes just balked at the size of that font, the stories are:

  • Romney vows to serve 'the common cause'
  • Gunman may have smuggled rifle in shirt
  • House approves energy bill
  • Gennifer Flowers mulls vote for Clinton
  • Posh Spice sleeps in the buff with Becks
Romney's religion does not matter in the race for president, but I'm okay with that story being in the news. The Mormons are a little odd to me, but odd does not a bad president make. (Being Mitt Romney does.) Conversely, being a Christian does not a good president make. (Being Ron Paul does.) I don't care if someone's religion involves a bike chain, a bottle of Diet Grape Faygo, and a D battery, if they have a stated plan to make the country a better place, I'm voting for them.

The stories about the Omaha gunman a-hole and the House approving an energy bill are passable as news.

Bill Clinton's ex-mistress considering a vote for Hillary does not matter. Not at all. It's certainly not a top story. Also, voting for someone because of that person's gender is blatant sexism, no matter what the person's gender. Stop saying you'll vote for Hillary because she's a woman.

I... I just can't say anything about the last story on the list. A woman... sleeping naked with her husband... I'm shocked.

THAT IS NOT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a hug.


Supermom said...

I'll tell Marshall to tell Frank next time he sees him at Taco Bell.

Susan said...

This is why I've quit getting my national news online. I get so freaking tired of the ridiculous stories that make the headlines.

But I'm glad you brought up Romney. I've been pondering something for a few days now. Is "Mitt" his real name? If so, what were his parents thinking? If not, or if it's a nickname, what was HE thinking? Can you seriously keep a straight face and vote for a man named Mitt? Is there anyone else out there named Mitt? Maybe it's a family name, I dunno.

Watercolor said...

no kidding.

The sad thing is, that is probably the news article with the most hits of all of them on the list......

Jennifer said...

I love you! :oD

From the Doghouse said...

Do you need a hug from naked Posh or naked Becks?

Melinda Barton said...

Damn straight. I'm so tired of people acting like Clinton's candidacy is the big test of whether a woman can be a serious candidate for president, just like I can't stand people acting like Katie Couric is a test for whether a woman can be a serious news anchor. Clinton is an extremely divisive candidate, even amongst Democrats. Katie Couric doesn't even deserve mention amongst the field of outstanding female broadcast journalists. How are these good test cases? Grrrrrrrrrr....