Thursday, December 20, 2007

fruit bouquet

I'm halfway through making a fruit bouquet for Ace's physical therapist for Christmas, and I have to say, this thing rocks my socks. It was so not hard, just a little time consuming. I'll post a picture later.

It's not quite as rockin' as the ones on the Edible Arrangements website, from which my inspiration came, but it's also not $75, and I get to eat the leftover fruit. BOOYAH.


mayberry said...

Well if its not that hard I will be expecting my fruit bouquet no later than New Year's.

Susan said...

I wanna see! One of my BFF's married a guy who used to be a pastry chef and he does all kinds of cool stuff with fruit. He made fruit Christmas trees for the wedding shower we did a while back and has done nifty baskets out of watermellons and such. I'm always in awe of his abilities. I'm about as creative/craft as a carpet remnant.