Sunday, December 16, 2007

As of 11:50am CST,

Ron Paul has raised over 2,530,000 dollars. What have you done this morning? I had some cereal, and donated to Ron Paul's campaign.

That's more than most of the other candidates in both major parties have raised this entire quarter. Ron Paul's campaign wanted to raise $12 million this quarter to get the word out about the fact that he's the best presidential candidate, EVER... he's blown past that, and has raised over $14 million.

Y'all can stop denying that he's a powerhouse now. You can stop saying that he's just some fringe candidate. When's the last time a fringe candidate raised more than a frontrunner? Hmm? When's the last time there was an actual revolution on the horizon?

Ron Paul has raised $35K in the last 5 minutes. I blogged.

If you're already a supporter, donate, even if it's just a dollar. The Iowa primaries are in 18 days, and the good people of Iowa need to know about this guy. If you don't yet know who you're going to vote for in your state's primaries, please look the guy up at I haven't been this serious about anything in my life... I'm begging you to look him up. He is absolutely the only candidate who will enact any kind of change in this country - there are NO OTHERS, and I'm not exaggerating. Drew and I really believe in this guy - we've already donated several hundred dollars to his campaign, and y'all know how stingy my husband is.

There went another $20K in the past 3 minutes. Ron Paul has raised over $50K in the time it's taken me to write this post. That man is AWESOME.

I'm gonna go watch the Saints game.


angie. said...

Ya know, I just came from Ron Paul's site before hitting here. I was shocked! Yesterday was just under his $12 million goal, and tonight he pulled in over $15 million. Shocked, blown away and happy as a clown! That's just so awesome.

Plus, I found out my baby cousin (just a mere 20 year old) is a Paul supporter. I loved hearing that. Each time I talk with him I find another reason why I loved that boy so much.


(and if y'all haven't already, go check out this fun little canidate quiz on my local television station's website. It matches your opinions with a prez canidate.)

jesusthroughmary said...

Your Saints did a good job yesterday. If Chicago beats Minnesota tonight, I believe the Saints will move into a playoff position due to a tiebreaker. On a related note,

HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!! I hope Ron Paul isn't a Cowboys fan, which would one strike against him. Probably not, being from the Houston area.

From the Doghouse said...