Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I just finished my annual gardening. Yep, I set foot in my garden once a year to pull weeds and lay down new mulch, and I still haven't gotten the mulch. That shouldn't be too hard though. I think dropping stuff in a reasonably organized fashion is not outside of my abilities.

Why do I hate gardening?

1. Bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. I hate bugs. All bugs. Even butterflies.
2. Nimbus gets all up in my business and starts attacking everything I pull up as I'm pulling it, then starts jumping the gun and attacking my hand. I hate that cat.
3. People over 200 pounds should only bend over and stick their butts straight up in the air to pick up children and/or donuts off the ground. Not necessarily in that order.
4. I'd rather be blogging/watching Judge Judy/eating chocolate/sniffing glue/blogging about watching Judge Judy eat chocolate and sniff glue.
5. I do NOT like getting dirty. Some people do, and rock on. I hate it.
6. The only thing in my garden that I actually like is my sweet olive. Everything else is boring, but it lives with no intervention from me and that's okay. I'd like to just mow it all down and put some rocks up in there.
7. It makes my back hurt.



From the Doghouse said...

Just FYI: the companies that make the new-fangled turf for football stadiums, etc. also have home versions. No weeds, no mowing, nothing.

Susan said...

Girl, just mow it all down and plant some twice-blooming azaelas. Or hedge bushes. Or any mid-sized bushes. They'll grow tall enough you dont have to bend over to trim them up once a year (if that often)and you can just let the grass grow right up under them!

I've already started killing off one of my beds, which will be replaced with azaelas next year. And I LIKE to garden!

Watercolor said...

You need a cute 20 something garden boy to do your garden bidding. :)

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

So, not to state the obvious, but if you HATE gardening so much... WHY do you have a garden?



Black Betty said...

"don't like getting dirty."

just wait until beer ball...you're going down...in the mud!!! ha!!

rock out!