Friday, October 13, 2006

Prayer request

T-5 hours or so till I meet The Barbara again. (Drew nixed the avoidance idea, something about showing his mom that I'm bigger than this situation even though I'M NOT.)

I'd really appreciate y'all's prayers that I can keep my mouth shut and get through the day without walking out of her house angry. I'd ask y'all to pray that The Barbara go easy on us, but I think she just might be the manifestation of the proverbial rock that God created that he can't lift. But, you know, in case she's not, please pray that she go easy on us.

So grateful I'm going to have my little sister, Alanna, there with me. Something about having someone I can pinch anytime I need some release gives me some peace... although since she doesn't know about the pinching, she's likely to not agree. Alanna's babysitting Ace tonight during the meet & greet and the football game, and is driving down with us this morning. She says she wants to follow us so she doesn't get lost... I think she wants to witness my anguish. I guess that's her right as a little sister. I've certainly subjected her to her share since we've been sisters.

Okay, stalling. Gotta go eat breakfast, wash the boy, clothe the boy, feed the boy, and then get up outchea. Y'all have a great weekend.

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