Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Question for preemie mommies

To all the lovely, wonderful preemie mommies that have offered their advice and support over the past 4 months:

At what actual age/corrected age did your baby start on rice cereal?


Surviving said...

I waited until 6 monthes with my oldest. With my second one I started trying at 6 monthes but he wasn't really interesting in eating much until he was 12 months old. Even now at 2, he would rather drink milk then eat.

Reformed Mama said...

i started eddie on banana (not cereal - he didn't need the ron in the cereal and cereal can constipate) at like 7 mos. actual age/5 mos adjusted.

follow ace's lead. if he's grabbing your plate and such maybe let him have a taste. go slow too in introducing new foods. checkout wholesomebabyfood.com for some ideas on introducing foods.

you'll learn that no one has much info on preemie development. some preemies go at a faster rate than others. an no one has cared enough to study any of this yet. so, pray lots, enjoy ace and try to follow his lead.

good luck.

Tony said...

Just a thought - I think four months is too soon for MY son, who was ten days late. And Ace is six weeks "younger" than him. That said, I was six weeks early, and my mom gave me cereal at two weeks, or what should have been 36 weeks gestation if I hadn't been so impatient.

Aimee Lu said...

Rilee started on Rice ceral at 3 months cuz god bless the little booger he just wasnt getting enough to eat but he was not premature, as matter of fact i remember thinking at one point that my child was never coming out of there! So im not any help at all just thought i would tell you if it helps any.?>?