Friday, August 11, 2006

Only in Drew's mind

Last night, Drew's sleeping, I just laid Ace down and got into bed. Drew stirs.

Drew: Boy, that sure disappeared, didn't it?
Me: *giggle* What disappeared?
Drew: That piece of bread.
Me: What piece of bread?
Drew: The one that... I... I wasn't sure if it would be on the installation disk or not. ... I'm talking gibberish, aren't I?
Me: Just a little.

Too bad Drew doesn't blog anymore. Apparently, I said some powerful weird stuff while I was on tranquilizers in the hospital. He definitely could have gotten back to me for all this.


shiksa said...

Speaking of somniatic activity, you need to go read 'The Ambien Cookbook' on the New Yorker's website. It's hee-larious.

Christine said...

Hubby sometimes has weird dreams and he talks to me during them. If I wake up for it, I'll answer him in his dream and he calms down and goes back to deeper REM. (Once, he was asking about where he put something - it wasn't in the right place in the store - and I told him it was on the endcap. VIOLA! He found it and put it where it belonged, according to planogram.)

Hubby DOES have a blog now, and he can get me back a bit. We'll see. ;)

cncz said...

i still want a gold medal of weird for dreaming that Rob was Ace.