Monday, August 14, 2006

Know what grinds my gears?

(With apologies to Peter Griffin and Rob Cerio.)

Caller ID drives me bonkers sometimes. I'm sorry if you're one of these people, but the "someone called me from this number" people kinda drive me crazy. The only person who will get a return phone call from me after having called and not left a message is my stepmom, and that's because she is too darn stubborn to talk to voice mail, and since she's my stepmom, I'll indulge her. (I love you, Vicki!)

I called a wrong number the other day. As soon as the answering machine picked up and I realized my error, I hung up. No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong. The person called back TWICE. Once, letting my phone go to voice mail, and then a second time, actually leaving a voice mail. "This is Jane Smith, I received a call from this number today at 11:14 am, please call me back at 601 555 1234."

I didn't call her back.

To me, "someone called me from this number" smacks of paranoia. If you receive a call from a strange number and didn't get a message, that person doesn't really want to talk to you that badly. Let it go.

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Vicki said...

A funny:
Laurie called a number in error and did not leave a voice mail. Again, no harm, no foul? NO! A fella kept calling her insisting he knew this was his long lost love and would she please just see the light and get back together? Why else would she have called if not to become one again? Cracked me up. She had to get pretty ugly with the guy to convince him to stop calling and to convince him that she wasn't "the one".