Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So my new favorite cousin sent me a bunch of videos and a picture from her camera phone of the Burlap to Cashmere concert last night, what an awesome cousin. She still wins at life. But...

Found out this morning that Becca went to the concert as well! Got a bunch of pictures, including one with Steven Delopoulos himself (she's the one in the middle... apparently some random chick decided to nose in on the picture).

And then Steven Delopoulos drove Becca home. Yes, my favorite artist in the world, the lead singer of my favorite band ever, Steven Delopoulos drove my friend and ex-roommate home. Apparently, they live like 5 minutes from each other. While my jaw dropped upon hearing this, Becca is just happy that she didn't have to stay up till 1 am to catch a train.

I swear, Becca could make friends with anyone.

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Becca said...

And I wish you were there with us!