Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good news, bad news

Good news:

Ace hit the big 5 pounds last night. He's taking 2 bottles a day now, and he only desats when being burped. He still has about 1 apnea per day, but usually the nurses don't have to go to his bed to wake him up, he wakes up all by himself.

Bad news:

All of his preemie-wear says "up to 5 pounds." So that's what it feels like when expensive clothing gets worn only once, if at all.

Jason and Regan sent the most adorable, collared and spiffy preemie onesie for him, and that was going to be the official coming-home outfit. Maybe he'll still fit in it when he comes home. If not, they sent another, equally adorable, collared and spiffy newborn outfit. He'll come home in that. Or naked. Whatevs.

(By the way, thanks, Jason and Regan, for those outfits. The envelope you sent them in mysteriously wound up in the trash, even after I dug it out once to retain your address. So this is your official thank-you note.)


fwapah said...

if that's the bad news for the day, i'll take it. yay for good news days!

cncz said...

i second that, i'll take that for some bad news

also is it the camera or am i on crack, but ace looks long (or tall) even if he is itty bitty. Discuss.

Terri said...

Some more good news for you! Generally the size on the outfit is not accurate. Many of my girls outfits fit them well beyond the size it had on the tag.

I am so glad to hear he reached 5 pounds. With the Lord on your side how could things not be going well?

munkeesmama said...

I just found your blog i also have a preemie. She was born at 27 weeks at 2 lbs 2 oz. she is now 5 months (2 months adjusted) and over 9 lbs. Try not to worry about the clothes. most of the things which said up to 5 or up to 7 lbs STILL fit. Off to read more of your blog. you can view mine at it started in february.

Regan said...

Yay for my good taste! You should be happy I didn't let Jason pick out the gifts to send you guys. Could you imagine? Scary!