Saturday, July 08, 2006

First bottle!!!

My sweet baby just took his first bottle, and I got to give it to him! The nurse put 45 ccs in the bottle, and he took about 25 ccs of it before he started to get a little tired. Bottle feeding is a lot of work. Y'all should have seen his face - he was confused at first but then got all comfortable and let 'er flow. He was totally stoked. No throwing up, no spitting up, just a few burps, and then all was well. I'm just so excited about how well he did for his first time, it's unbelievable! I TOLD y'all he was ready! He's going to be allowed one bottle per day until he gets used to it, and then one per shift, and then so on until he's bottle feeding exclusively. Now all we have to do is iron out that little breathing problem (he's still on a pretty rigorous flow of oxygen) and my boy's coming home. Beginning of August, beginning of August, beginning of August.

More pictures will be on Flickr later, but here's one now. Because I can't wait to show him off. Because he's so doggone cute.

Also, my stepdad (heretoforth known as "Papa Steve") held him for the first time today. I haven't seen my stepdad that excited for a while. He was SO happy. And he's got the magic touch on Ace - he's never as content or as "healthy" (good oxygen levels, good breathing levels) as while he's with Papa Steve. He also smiles constantly whenever Papa Steve's around. While I know smiles at this stage aren't quite a show of happiness, it's still unbearably cute. To wit:

Happy baby!


Vicki said...

WooHoo!! Such exciting news. The new pics are great. It looks as if Steve tells him jokes and you tell him shocking tidbits. ("The Horror") Now that was a cute picture.


Shana said...

That is SO wonderful. Congrats on the huge milestone. He is just adorable. I love his little smile.

Rachel said...

Awww, that is the cutest face I have ever ever seen! I found you through Babes in Blogland and have been reading through the whole saga up to now.

You are an AMAZING woman, and even if you don't realize it, you are handling all of this with amazing grace and humor, which means Ace is a very lucky baby!

Go Ace Go!

Sharon said...

Go Ace!!!! :)
He is so cute. That's such a big smile! I am so happy for you.
He's gained weight, took his first bottle, smiling...he knows his momma loves him.
I'll go right beside you- August, August, August...

Stacey said...

Thanks, y'all. I LOVE that picture of him with my stepdad, he is so darn cute.

Thanks, Rachel. Glad to know people think I'm strong. :)

Becca said...

That picure makes me happy!

dreamwalker said...

That is the cutest picture :D