Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Back into jeans - check

Lost 30 pounds since delivering even though I had only gained 13 during my pregnancy - check (metabolism while breastfeeding is awesome!!)

Changing my own gauze now - check

Haircut - check

Starting to wear clothes instead of pajamas - check

Actually doing a chore or two around the house - check

Feeling as though I have a fighting chance to polish the tarnish on my husband's image of me - check

Though based on my husband's insistence, I'm not quite as tarnished as I think, my once indestructible self-image has certainly taken a dip. I fancied myself quite pretty before the past month's events. Having actually lost nearly 30 pounds has helped, and fitting into my jeans again has helped even more. Fighting the gagging long enough to change my own gauze has ensured that there's one more icky thing my husband doesn't have to do for me.

I don't know why I worry so dadgum much. I had to do some yucky stuff while he was in the hospital, and I still think he's got to be the most gorgeous thing on the planet.

I reckon I'll do my hair and put on some makeup today.

I'll be back to being the self-assured vixen that I once was. Promise. Except I'll have baby puke in my hair. Praise God.


Sharon said...

You've lost 30 pounds?! That's great. I think I was wearing pjs til....wait, still wearing them! (and mine is 2)

Terri Pedrino said...

Girl, I am so proud of you!! If it makes you feel any better I wore sweats and t-shirts until Ashley was 1. Well you know, you were there! I wish I was there to see you and the little one!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca said...

Woman, you are always beautiful!!!


cncz said...

baby puke or just the world record for biggest booger ever? I want more pictures. Put the flat iron down and gimme pictures of my boyfriend. Thank you.

Woo hoo on the 30 pounds. You know when I was, uh, bigger, I had food poisoning and lost thirty pounds because of only drinking sprite for a month. Not healthy, but yet that initial loss was what pushed me to lost forty more. Good times.

Also, what is my excuse for pjs? Training?