Sunday, June 25, 2006

Does it ever get boring?

Tonight on the way home from visiting Ace, Drew and I laughed nearly the whole time. Nothing in particular, just a series of amusing conversations, from John Tesh being on our collective wavelength to wiggers to Starbucks. Every day, I'm ecstatic being married to this guy. My favorite sound is him walking through the door after work. My favorite days are his days off. We're such great friends, and our marriage is our number 1 priority. I just wonder, does it ever get old?

It's not like we work at it. It's not as though every day I schedule time to laugh with my husband, and kiss his forehead, and hug him when he walks through the door. It's just what we do. He's so much fun to be married to. People talk all the time about how all relationships require work. We did some hard labor in the beginning (getting married as quickly as we did didn't yield instant bliss, we definitely had adjustments) but ever since, it's like we're the CEOs of marriage. Not to say CEOs don't work. I guess I should have said "We're the welfare mothers of marriage." Or "We're the Stacey's little sisters of marriage." Take your pick.

I suppose that despite all of the relationship rules we broke together, something fits. I realize I'm a little extra paranoid about marriage because most of the people I know are divorced, including nearly every one of my older family members, but I just look at me and Drew and wonder what it is about us that makes everything so fantastic between us.

Sorry, shoulda posted a "gag me with a spoon" disclaimer at the top of this post.

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Becca said...

You guys rock. I'm so thrilled that you have been and will continue to be this happy!