Friday, May 26, 2006

Picture post!

Seth (my baby brother) graduated from high school yesterday. The ceremony was blessedly short - it was seriously about 85 degrees in the gym. Here are some pictures. (GRRR, we need a better camera. Everything's either seriously blurry or everyone's got BAD red eye.)

I think Alanna thought she was going flamenco dancing.

And then today, my mommy picked up her diploma... she graduated from college! I'm super proud of her, and she made fun of me for crying. Hmph. (I have better pictures, but they all have my mom's full name in them, and I don't feel like editing. If you're a member of my family and you want to see better pictures, e-mail me.)

Mm-boy, maternity pants are dead sexy.

I'm so gosh dogged proud of my mom. She worked her tail off for that diploma, got a 4.0 the entire time, and deserves kudos. She's too modest.

Also today, Drew's birthday party. (His birthday's tomorrow.)

Here's his cake. It ain't pretty, but it tasted GOOD. Chocolate with homemade buttercream icing. Nummers.

Drew and I had a conversation in Home Depot a couple of months ago... He was coveting clamps, and like any dutiful wife, I responded, "What in the world will you do with clamps?" "Uh, I dunno, build stuff?" Somehow this conversation was relayed to my parents, which resulted in the unabashed mockery of their own dear daughter... Drew got 2 different kinds of clamps from them for his birthday.

I asked again... "What are you going to do with clamps?" My response?


Melinda Barton said...

Happy birthday, Drew. May you have many more, all happy ones of course. Having many more birthdays that suck wouldn't be very good.
Congrats to your little brother and Mom on their graduations. I still give your mom all the mad props for helping us get ready for the mayor's ball.
And Stacey, we're so putting that pic of you and the clamps on the cover of National Geographic.

shiksa said...

Wow. I think that's what you get for asking an engineer what he's going to do with clamps. Or maybe that's just what you get for asking Drew :) Tell the old man happy birthday and congrats to your brother and mommy!