Friday, May 12, 2006


Spent an hour tidying up and now my back hurts. Bad. Grandma told me yesterday to not worry about my house. Shoulda listened.

Still have errands to run, including getting a Mother's Day present for my mom, and like 5 other stores to visit in that area. As soon as I get home, my butt will be on the couch and the only reason I'll leave the couch is to get more to drink and change movies. Drew left for his mom's earlier, so I'm all alone tonight. Thinking about renting Hostel. Okay, stop laughing. No really, I think I'll rent Derailed.

I read this quote last night in my copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting:

If [the food you want to eat] will benefit your baby, chew away. If it'll only benefit your sweet tooth or appease your appetite, put your fork down.

To you, writers of WTEWYE: You is straight trippin'. If for a week straight I can't stop thinking about yellow cake and chocolate icing, I'm fixin' to eat some yellow cake and chocolate frosting. (Made some last night. Deee-lish.) But, I get all my nutrients, drink my milk, eat my veggies. The last time I wanted something as much as I've wanted yellow cake and chocolate frosting was a few months ago when I really wanted sticky rice and teriyaki sauce. And I ate it, and it was good. No, I'm not going to eat a yellow cake with chocolate frosting every day, because my doctor told me that I didn't have to gain more than 15 pounds, and I am almost 26 weeks and I've only gained 7 pounds, and refuse to gain more than 15, but you can just shut up telling me that I shouldn't benefit my sweet tooth. Sucka. I hate that book. It's like a worst case scenario handbook. Agnie bought me The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy, and I LOVE it. Best ever. My OB even said she recommends it over WTEWYE. And my OB is the best OB ever.

Doing my baby registry tomorrow! WOOHOO!!

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