Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My heartburn is so bad that it's bringing tears to my eyes. Now I know what fire-breathers feel like when they inhale accidentally.

The "doesn't work" list: Milk, Rolaids Soft Chews, Tums.

The "works" list: Pepcid AC, but only if used to prevent heartburn. If used to ease the pain of heartburn, it's crap. Also, Kroger's generic version of milk of magnesia. Not eating anything acidic is good too, but Drew made some really good pizza for supper.

I have an appointment with the OB tomorrow, yay! I get another glucose tolerance test, booooo.


Drew said...

Have fun chugging that sugar slurry.

Melinda Barton said...

Talk to your pharmacist about Prilosec OC. It's a perfect miracle worker if you're having frequent heartburn, though I'm not sure if it's cleared for preggos. hehe