Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh, myspace

I cannot believe myspace. I just figured out that you can track people down by highschool and year graduated., YOU LOSE, with your ridonkulous fees and advertisements!! This is my way of sticking it to the man!

I just found a guy that I was attached at the hip with all through elementary school. We also "went together" and broke up like a hundred times. We were constantly separated in school and got in tons of trouble - my dad put his foot down and told us that we couldn't hang out together. Yeah, that worked. Poor Daddy.

Found another guy that I'm convinced is probably a ridiculously talented musician now. He actually took an etymology class so he could be better at writing lyrics.

Here's a girl that I had an English class with in my freshman year, and we had a little too much fun... She was always sweet to everyone, although she was totally popular crowd. She's got a picture of two guys we graduated with in her pictures. I had a devastating crush on one of them all through junior high, and had a blast with the other in a few classes in highschool.

Drew's last words to me tonight (well, before "I love you, goodnight") were "Don't stay up too late." Sorry, baby. Of course, I'm sending messages to all these people. There are actually 24 pages of people that met my search criteria...

Holy cow - I just found a guy that straight up changed his name... He was a magician in highschool, and heaven help me, I can't remember his real name, but it sure wasn't "Jackson Rayne." He always called himself The Great... something. It was a play on his last name. Looks like he's quite successful! Good for him!

Most of y'all have stopped reading by now. I am having a BLAST.

AHH! I just found my freshman BFF. He and I were totally obsessed with Beavis and Butthead and I could make him fall off a chair with my impression of Cornholio. We were constantly on the phone with one another.

I'm gonna stop blogging about this now... surely y'all aren't interested. I'm seriously having a ball though. Love you, myspace!


javafoofoo said...

So, did you look up Micheal Rosenbaum? You did say he went to your school? ; )

Micheal and Stacey BFF LOL

Aimee said...

Michael Rosenbaum went to Castle but was much older than us. His brother graduated with me,Eric Rosenbaum. He was the class clown or i always remember him being so funny.

Stacey said...

That WAS his brother? He was in one of my English classes, and he was seriously funny. I sorta thought that would be his brother (not a lot of Rosenbaums running around Newburgh) but I wasn't sure. Awesome.