Friday, May 19, 2006

Just twist a knife through my heart...

Phone: Ringring! ringring!
Me: Hello?
Terri: Stacey? Ashley wants to talk to you, hang on.
Me: Okay.
Ashley: Auntie Dacey?
Me: Yes, pumpkin, what's up?
Ashley: Why you no come over to my house no more?
Me: *covering the phone so she won't hear my heart break* I live really far away, baby, it's hard to come see you when I live this far away.
Ashley: Ohhhh. *relays my poor reasoning to someone else*
Me: I'm sorry, baby. I really want to come see you, but it's just really hard right now. I want to come to your house though and see you and your sisters.
Ashley: Ohhh. Wait, why you no come to my house again?
Me: Remember? I live really far away?
Ashley: oooohhhhhhhhh. Okay. *sigh.*
Me: I love you though, okay?
Ashley: I love you though too. *click*

Saddest "Ohhhhhh" I've ever heard. I miss my goddaughters, dangit. How do I educate a 4-year-old that I need that likely thousand bucks I'd spend out there (flight, rental car, In & Out Burger, spoiling the crap out of my girls at Chuck E Cheese's and wherever else they wanted to go) for my upcoming child? How early can you fly with a baby, anyway?

And Terri, could you WARN ME next time my babies miss me? Breaks my ever lovin' heart.

Ah well. I'm heading to Wal Mart today, guess I'll bulk up on candy and a few toys for 'em. If they can't see me, they can love me for the gifts I send them.

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Melinda Barton said...

I feel ya. When I moved back to New Orleans, my nephew didn't quite get the difference between New Orleans and New York. So, every time I left my sister's place for a while, he'd cry and beg me not to go back to New York. Talk about a guilt trip. My nieces and nephews were the main reason I'd intended to stay in New Orleans for the long haul. I guess Katrina fixed that, but I get so many guilt trips I now have oodles of frequent flyer mileage.