Monday, April 03, 2006

Here I am!

We had to send our computer to the hospital in Michigan because apparently nobody in the entire state of Mississippi knows how to fix a power supply on an HP Pavilion. At least that's what Drew found out, after consulting 2 whole computer repair places. So my wonderful Mommy has brought her laptop up for us to borrow until we get our computer back. Unfortunately, it doesn't have broadband capabilities, and I'm stuck on dial-up for a while, so if you've tagged me for anything, fuggedaboutit. I don't know how anyone would voluntarily choose to live like this.

ANYWAY, it's a boy. First thing Drew said? "Aw-RIGHT, we don't have to pay for a wedding." Mom, in the middle of screaming, said he has my ears. We saw the leg, the other leg, and then the other leg. I'm a little worried, though, what in the world do I do with a boy?? I've gotten all my caring-for-babies experience with girls, although the first kids I babysat were boys. I'm kinda happy about the mama's boy aspect though. All the moms of boys I've talked to have said he'll be all mine for the first several years of his life. Of course, now starts the great what-do-we-call-him debate. I wish Drew didn't hate the name "Andy" so much. I happen to love it. "Ace" is our front runner.

Look, I know how trite it sounds, and that literally every mother since the beginning of time has said this, but I have only hoped and prayed for a healthy baby, gender notwithstanding. So far, he appears to be very healthy, praise the Lord, and I'm very happy with that. I get to have another ultrasound next time, since he was being shy and didn't want to face the camera so the sonographer didn't see all she wanted to see, and maybe after that I'll feel comfortable enough to register. (I can't WAIT to register.)

My last day of work was Friday - VERY weird. I've been either working or between jobs since I was 14, with one or two small breaks in there. Knowing that I won't be bringing any money into the house is a little weird to me, and knowing that when I do go back into the work force, I'll be a complete dummy, also very weird.

I have a good ol' cold too. It started with a sore throat Friday, coughing like nobody's business and lots of weakness on Saturday, feeling slightly better but still coughing yesterday, and now it's in my sinuses, the absolute worst place it could be. I would so much rather be coughing than be stopped up. It only clears up when I stand, but I'm too weak to stand. Waahhhwahhwaaahhhh.

Anyway, I think that's all the news for now. I may not be blogging much, but y'all can busy yourselves reading some of the blogs on my sidebar till I get back to civilization (read: broadband).


Regan said...

Congrats on having a boy!

The only thing you have to remember about boys is that they have great aim during diaper changing. Shielding your face is a good thing.

Becca said...

Awesome!!! Congrats!!!

A boy is good. Because if y'all end up having another kid later on down the line, and it's a girl, her big brother will be able to protect her. :)

Melinda Barton said...

I just recommend you childproof everything and just forget about having anything that can be climbed on or jumped from. I was a bit of a "boy" myself as a small child. Remember the story of how I broke my collarbone? Yeah, just get rid of all of your furniture. Best thing about a boy is play time is generally a lot more fun. Dolls! ich!

Charles_Thomson said...

Congrats on having a boy!

Please teach your boy how to play baseball.


thegoodgeeks said...

I had a boy a few months ago, and I already had two great daughters. I also had no idea what I would do with a boy, but my bond with him is stronger at this point than it was with his sisters. Boys rule. Girls rule too. Trust me, you will fall in love with him the moment your son is in your arms. Congrats!!

oscar said...

Congrats, are you still naming him Pittsburgh?