Monday, April 24, 2006

Florida and turtles

I had an awesome, awesome time in Panama City Beach. The drive sucked a little. There's this tiny highway between Meridian and Mobile that has very few places for a poor ol' pregnant girl to stop to pee, and that was a little lame, but I'm really happy that I didn't talk myself out of going. I got to spend time with my stepmom and grandma, some time at the beach, some time with a lot of crab legs, and some more time with my grandma's cooking. Don't worry, I didn't get a tan, thanks to my buddy SPF 50 (or as Drew likes to call it, SPF Inside). I really had fun. Thanks to Grandma (my newest reader) for letting me stay! Love you!

Now, inspired by a weekend with my grandma (and partially inspired by the bender Regan's on), I'm in the mood for baking. We're having red beans and rice tonight, and traditionally at my parents' house, we'd have muffins on the side. I'm going to make homemade oatmeal blueberry muffins tonight. YUM.

Drew might not want to read this, but I'm also going to try to reproduce McKenzie's turtles. For all of you non-New Orleanians, that's basically a shortbread cookie with a dollop of extra sugary chocolate frosting on top, sprinkled with a few chopped pecans. WORD. R.I.P. McKenzie's Bakery. And yes, I know Haydel's makes them, and I love me some Haydel's, but it's just not the same. Y'all know what I'm saying.

Since my browser won't let me link to Regan's blog, here it is, all manual and stuff:

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Regan said...

yay for my baking inspiring others! Unfortunately my super awesome mixer has been making the trek across the country and I haven't been able to bake anything in a while. I'm dying for a cupcake.

Let us know how your turtles come out.