Saturday, March 11, 2006

Only in my house

Me: Nimbus is possessed by the devil. He's not a Christian, and doesn't have the protection of Jesus.
Drew: So you're saying our other cats are "saved," is that it?
Me: Pez goes to church every Sunday.
Drew: Yeah, only to get the Eucharist.
Me: Oh, a fat joke?
Drew: Well, he is CATolic.
Me: Uhhhhh
Drew: Louie is PresPURRterian.
Me: Ohhhhh
Drew: Stella's EPAWScopalian.
Me: You're hurting the baby.

*Edit* This just in.
Drew, sitting in the living room, presumably watching something about gas: They're trying to capture farts.
Drew: Did you HEAR ME?
Drew: They should come here. We have an infestation.

Reckon I should go see what he's talking about.

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Drew said...

There's nothing funnier than real life.

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