Thursday, February 23, 2006

Busy night.

Well, I dreamt that I'm having a girl. If you're keeping track, that's

Boy dreams: 2 (my mom had one too)
Girl dreams: 1
Chinese lunar calendars predicting girl: 1
Heartrates predicting girl: 1
Dreams that I'm having a puppy: 1

I also dreamt that I was hanging out with Charlotte York of Sex and the City and she went to an impossibly expensive spa and I went to a bakery and got a blueberry muffin and an ooey gooey cinnamon roll. This is probably because I spent the whole day yesterday NOT eating the Krispy Kreme donuts that were in my office kitchen. I done good, y'all.

And now for my nightmare of the night. I showed up to my current assignment in jeans. When you're a secretary, nay, a temp, dreaming about showing up to a very professional office in jeans is equal to dreaming of showing up to school in your underwear. I did my best to hide myself, and nobody seemed to notice, but it was pretty horrifying.

Then it turned into a huge puzzler - I went outside and saw some highschool friends there and went to talk to them, and they started smoking pot. To get away from the smell, I walked away from them. That's when Terri showed up and we started walking away, but I said I had to tell my boss I was leaving. I walked in, and the VIP was sitting in my chair looking at me like I had done something wrong. He accused me of smoking pot. I turned around starting to object, and all of a sudden he was my Uncle Jim.

Whatever. I gotta go get ready for work. Sounds like it's gonna be an interesting day.


Christine said...

My dreams are continuing too. Doc told me that it's very typical for the medication I'm on, and it's a positive that it's not nightmares (one woman's husband paged her in the middle of the night because he thought she had gone completely nuts - she was screaming, but wouldn't wake up!).

Not me. I just continue to stir up old boyfriends, or I make everyone pregnant lately (including men). It's always an adventure!

cncz said...

this is off topic, but i often wonder if "dressing up" for the office is a southern thing. in paris and in switzerland, i have been able to wear cute jeans to the office (and at sexy swiss ski resort i can even wear funky jeans). you know, like "going out" jeans? I would have died of shame in Oxford Mississippi if I had showed up with jeans on to work. feeling your pain.
ps i keep thinking girl but i wonder if it is just because of your dreams.