Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yesterday was Ashley's 4th birthday. She was the first baby I ever saw on ultrasound, and the first baby I ever got to see being born. Terri didn't want to know her sex, so it was a surprise when she came out. I maintain to this day that I was the first one Ashley mooned, so therefore the first one who saw that she was indeed a girl. I got to hold her while she was still all slimy and newborn-y.

Ashley's always been too cute for words. The last time we were there, she grabbed Drew's belly and said "You have a BIG belly - is there a baby in there?" I wish I was feeling more eloquent this morning, but I think you all know how much I love my goddaughters. Up until the one that's taken residence in my womb, they were the most important children in the world to me. Watching them grow, babysitting them as often as I could (once for a week while Billy and Terri went to Jamaica when Ashley was about 4 months old), seeing them become little girls instead of babies or toddlers, it's just all been amazing. It's hard to imagine loving another child more than I love them. I love being Auntie See-shee/Sasee/Dacey/Alyson.

Speaking of mine, said that he/she's about the size of a jumbo shrimp now. Now if that's not an odd comparison...

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Terri said...

Ok, now that was a tear jerker! I want you to know that the feelings are mutual and they all adore you and Drew. We all love you!