Sunday, January 01, 2006

A picture post

Here are a few pictures of the happier times with Lock (and Zip, of course).

The first two are when they first came home. The first one is Zip with Alanna and the second one is Lock with Papa Steve.

They were so tiny. These were before their first baths, so they're a little matted and yucky.

Here they are a couple of days later:

That's Lock - Here's Zip:

Zip loved the bottle. She cradled it just like that. Like I said, Lock took a little more convincing.

And Lock LOVED sleeping on necks. Here he is on my brother.

Lock would lay just like this with Papa Steve every night - it was part of Papa Steve's routine. Whenever he was ready to get up, he'd stick his paw out and Papa Steve would lift him up so he could get out.

Zip and Lock used to lay in a very small basket together - here are my two favorites of that:

Zip's on top there, Lock's under her.

In this one, it looks like Zip is holding Lock. Very cute.

And finally, as kittens:

And full grown:

Thanks to everyone that's offered condolences. Lock will be very much missed.


Stacearooni said...

I Love Zip and Lock! They're so cute! Your Lucky to have them!

cncz said...

Those cats are beautiful. My deepest and most sincere condolences. Just be sure to give yourself (and tell your family what I said too) time to heal. I still cry about Couz when I am sad, and Wesh still cries for him too, a year later.