Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bad driver rant

You all know that person. You're going along at a constant rate of speed (and there's no questioning that rate of speed, as your cruise control is locked in at 72 and hasn't changed in 50 miles). You're passing people, you're being passed by people, no big deal. However, there's that one guy that absolutely hastogetinfrontofyourightthisveryminute! So he's going about 75 and jumps in front of you... and forgets what his hurry was. Rapidly. So you have to either ease up quickly or hit your brakes while eleventy-five other drivers pass you and then pass this genius. He's driving a late-model good ol' boy truck, so you know he's got cruise control in that thing. Isn't that as standard a feature as rearview mirrors nowadays?

I met this credit to the human race today. He met the end of my death glare. And while my Jeep was nearly meeting his GMC, I noticed that he had a bumper sticker that said "Get off my a** unless your name is Dale Earnhardt." I'd love to oblige, sir.


Dyno-Man said...

I think I've seen that guy in Baton Rouge. Yeah, he's a retard on wheels. The guy made a right-hand turn off of an interstate off ramp, missing the right turning LANE and then cutting across two lanes of highway traffic. Had the gall to flip me off with a gargantuan chew in his bottom lip for waiting for traffic to clear before I got on the highway. I thought I'd at least be 50 before I get flipped off for my driving habits! :)

Melinda Barton said...

Stacey, now you know better than to ride people's asses like that. Shame on you. tsk tsk tsk hehe