Saturday, November 19, 2005

Well, that was short.

My little brother played his first and last playoff game last night. It was f-f-freeeeezing for this warm-weather girl. Seriously though, it got down to like 40. Gross.

My little brother is a seriously good player. He's a kicker, but the coach put him in there as quarterback a few times. In fact, at his homecoming game, he ran a touchdown in and kicked his own point after. He's one of the only players on his team (football AND basketball) who actually looks out for the rest of the team, instead of being all crazy about his own glory.

But glory he's had. I still remember the name of the star kicker on my highschool's football team, so I'm sure my brother will be remembered many, many years from now.

I have a bone to pick though. Mind you, this was a pretty important game, and emotions were running high. Everyone wanted them to win this. (The other team excluded.) That being said, is it really necessary to yell mean things like "Y'all are sorry," "Get back on the bus, boys," and "Why would you do something that stupid" to the boys you're there to support? I have an idea, stay home, you big jerk. Look, my brother's team lost badly last night... They couldn't get anywhere near the end zone, and the other team scored every time they got possession. What is the point, in the fourth quarter, knowing that this is going to be the last game most of these boys ever play (including my brother, you big jerk), of screaming nasty things at them? Why would you want that to be a part of their memories of their last game? I mean, come on, it's the last quarter of the last game of the season, they're losing fifty-eleven to nothing, and you're going to tell them that they're "sorry?"

If my stepfather weren't known by everyone in that community, those men and I would have had some words. Darn small towns.

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