Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Drew, Rob, Barbara, and Jose all trekked down to Slidell yesterday. Barbara's house is looking okay, except for the big tree branch through the roof of her great room. Rob thinks that her house should be habitable within the week, though, so cross your fingers. The great room is a completely separate room from the house, on a totally different air conditioner and all, so that doesn't need to be repaired before she can return.

Jose's house, unfortunately, is a different story. It seems there were several feet of water inside, and several trees on top of the house, one of which collapsed the porch roof. They're going to have to replace all of the furniture in the house and many of the appliances. It's incredibly sad and the man and his family definitely need your prayers.

My mom's house has electricity back! It's been a week since they had air conditioning at all, so this is a very happy thing.

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Cameron said...

Hey Stacey,

I wish you had told Drew and Rob to stay in town with you. I hope they will be alright.

Thanks for blogging about what going on down there.