Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Only in my car

On the way home from China Buffet, Drew says something silly that I don't remember but it's not really germane to this conversation anyway.

Rob (shaking his head with a kind of bemused exasperation): Drew Drew Drew.
Drew: That's a full sentence!
Rob: absolute silence, slowly turning into giggling and a continuation of the head shaking
Stacey: What other names could we apply that to?
Drew, Rob: Nothing, really.
Stacey: Rob.
Drew, Rob: Rob, Rob Rob!
Stacey: Bob!
Drew: No, you can't really bob someone.
Stacey (after trying various intonations to get my point across): The middle Bob's the name.
Drew: Kinda like Run, Forrest, Run?
Stacey: Yeah!
Rob: I'm blogging this. No, better yet, Stacey talks about this stuff on her blog all the time, apparently we're quite the entertaining pair.
Drew: I bet Lauren's just chomping at the bit waiting for my next antic.
Rob: Actually, there are girls in New Zealand logging on to my blog just to see what you'll do next. I have quite the fan base in Australia and New Zealand.
Stacey: PAT!
Drew, Rob: Pat Pat Pat!


Melinda said...

Have I said I miss you guys! Why? Because only amongst you do I not seem so strange! Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out names that make sentences!!!!! Damn you all!

Lauren said...

bit chomp!
Jack could jack Jack.